If you have installed the trainer follow the injector instruction that Skyancez3o4 posted and instead of saying yes let the injector handle it and say no when the palus message comes up i know this message is late this for anyone with the same issue that stumbles on this forum like I did If you didn’t install the dev trainer install it lol then follow the above steps Edited by Robby on Mar 8, at Where it says process, browse to your halo2. Experimental means that you can drive vehicles when physics freeze or time freeze is on. May 1, AI fanatic and rookie programmer. Apr 6, I miss CE. A Halo Maps Website. This has been left in so that it is possible to terminate Halo 2 if you accidently specify a fullscreen resolution that is not supported by your monitor.

halo 2 vista devtrainer

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Halo 2 Vista Utilities.

– Halo 2 Vista Maps files and Utilities Resource

Try activating them all Skull 3 except skull 7 for a fun game. Anyhow the game crashed right after I got flung into the water and it said “this is not your grave but you are welcome here” Then it went back to main menu.


I have not been able to test this with the latest update to Halo 2 Vista. JD2 where are the injector? I killed the Prophet of Regret once and it took forever. Skull 2 These are a lot of fun. Physics Freeze very good Removes gravity and friction for most objects. Halo 2 Vista Bitmaps.

Mar 17, galo Ya sorry its really late I decided cevtrainer night to play the halo 2 for PC again and remember the paulos trainer but had in issue with it loading.

A message box will devtrained saying “Reset” during resolution changes and at other times.

halo 2 vista devtrainer

I visha if this becomes annoying but the idea is to encourage feedback via facebook. I’m looking for some cheats just to play single player.

It’s pretty easy to use but I’ll post a little tutorial anyways. Halo 2 Vista Maps. I dont know how to uninstall the Dev Trainer. My facebook page will now open Apr 6, I miss CE. Bista Hello, I have found a solution to that problem. Kiwidoggie had it, I forget where. Official Halo 2 Vista Files.


Halo 2 v1.0.0.11081 (+6 Trainer) [dR.oLLe]

Sep 18, Imagination is more important than knowledge. Help us defer the cost of bandwidth. Jul 26, Halo 2 Vista 22. Aug 3, May 7, i dont know what to say H2VDevTrainer unlocks certain features within Halo 2 Vista that are otherwise unaccessable or non-existant.

Also, you know this is five years old, right? Totally not worth it.

halo 2 vista devtrainer

Edited by goldkilla88 on Devtfainer 17, at As far as I can tell, multiplayer is disabled when H2VDevTrainer is loaded, and you should not try to use it with multiplayer. I need to move on with my life. Join our mailing list Enter Email Address.

No saved portions or anything. Mar 8,