Purchase a new license key. This works like a selection in a text source. You can use the Position Adjuster to update a code reference for any kind of source: For example, the Frequency Report window updates itself with new information when you add codes or code new information, or when you open a different study. The Advanced Filters tool adds two new capabilities:

hyperresearch 2.8 3

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HyperRESEARCH 2.8.3 Download

The Subtotal column on the far right shows the hyperresearh number of uses of each code in all the cases shown. By looking at the bottom of the Autocode window, you can see which case, source, and term is currently being autocoded, along with how many occurrences have been found so far. Additional features and enhancements: Please enter your valid email address again. Reports now include media content.

Once you select the converted hjperresearch, your code references for that source are automatically updated to use the converted source. Next, download the free edition and install it. You can now include the groups a code belongs to in the list of all codes or the list of filtered codes.

hyperresearch 2.8 3

For example, the Frequency Report window updates itself with new information when you add codes or code new information, or when you open a different study. You can also enter a page number in the Page box and press Enter to go directly to that page. The matrix is shown sorted by code. 2.88 is offered now as a preview to give you a first look at new features coming to HyperRESEARCH, and for the convenience of those who want early access to these capabilities.


Matrix view of codes and cases: If you choose this sort option, the code references appear in the same order as the codes appear in the Code Book, with each group of codes clustered together.

hyperresearch 2.8 3

Not Specified Windows 10 or higher Windows 8 or 8. Change the start or end position by a specified amount in either direction, to add or remove material at the boundary of the coded segment. The Free Limited Edition is suitable for teaching the basics of qualitative research without requiring students to purchase the full package.

hyperresearch 2.8 3

It quantifies how closely your coders agree with each other, assuring you that the coding is objective and reproducible, rather than simply a subjective view of the particular coder who handled a piece of source data. For new installations of Quicktime on Windows 8 or 10, you need to download the Quicktime 7.

Hhyperresearch control whether Autocode uses capitalization, check the Match Case box and make sure to hyperresearrch your search phrase with the exact capitalization you want. Media content in reports: Upgrading to the new version is easy: It computes the following commonly-used measurements of intercoder agreement: Change both start and end position to move the location of the coded segment. However, this can be inconvenient when searching for names or acronyms, where capitalization matters.


Click again to sort hyperesearch reverse. Charts and graphs of code frequencies: If you click one of the links above, and instead of the download starting, you see hyperresarch page of symbols, try Control-clicking or Right-clicking the link.

Use it to correct a code reference with the wrong segment selected, or to change an existing code reference to include more or less material. Page 1 of 2 Start Prev 1 2 Next End.

In addition to finding your search phrase wherever it occurs, you can now restrict the search to only an entire word or wordsthe start of a word, or the end of a word. You can now sort code references in order by code group.

Updating from version 2.

Researchware – Qualitative Research Software for the Analysis of Qualitative Data

The Frequency Report tool now updates itself continually as you code more material. Sorting by code group: To sort by the total number of times the code has been used, click the Subtotal header. Use the controls to change the hyperresearch portion in the way that best works for you:.