Your name or email address: There are methods on this class to export to any of the jCharts supported formats, with the added benefit of automatically setting the MIME type of the chart for your browser so that the browser knows how to render the image correctly. Is there a doc which shows all the styling that can be performed? I know it can, but it is well beyond my abilities. If your chart title is really long, it will wrap to the next line as in: Johan Hormaza and ilan like this.


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This is configurable by using a method on the ChartProperties Object.


HarrisOct 24, Hope you get my meaning. This works well – loading a smaller jcuarts. This would, for example, show when Y speed in MPH was greater than company limits for how long and how high.

Please be aware the following chart features are the same across all chart types. No border is drawn around the charts by default.


Is it possible to zoom in on the entire data – to show a selected section within the subset? Peter SimpsonHarris and alwaysbusy like this.

jCharts User Guide

HarrisOct 30, HarrisOct 27, InformatixOct 24, This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Going good so far I just realized that the file for the new version of jCharts does not contain the version 1.

The default background Paint is: There must be a way To take a snapshot of a chart, set its animated property to False before adding the data or wait until all animations are over. There are 3 possibilities example: Johan Hormaza and ilan like this. InformatixOct 23, Each of these encoders has a couple of methods to encode you charts.

When form is first presented, it is sized per primary screen.

Maven Repository: s » krysalis-jCharts » alpha-1

No, create an account now. Set the follow property may be specified at the java command line: Been struggling with this: Dear Informatix, Does this library support real-time plotting? Paint Interface to control its appearance. When I drag to second screen, which is much larger, I click the button “Fit Graph to Screen” – which expands the graph to width and height of new screen – nice I tried to load the entire day points in many casesbut it took over 10 minutes to load.


If so how can this be done? If you pass NULLno title will be shown.


DefaultFont 20 but not all properties available b. Log in or Sign up. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.