Originally Posted by kukuk. Results 1 to 10 of It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I don’t believe it would be that easy to fix, I’ll know when I put the SD back in the 4wd tonight, when I get home. I have a question: Re resolution, mine has the same issue, the screen always looks washed out on gps due to the stupid streched resolution they have tried to use, I looked eveywhere to find a solution, no joy:

nwdsoftware exe

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This is absolutely better than using your default operating system format utilities. The files concerned are: X with size of max.

Note that this assembly only is a personal proposal these applications are the ones I like most. Download and unpack the zip-archive ceFFM-X.

download nwdsoftware.exe

Guys, need your advise. Are you a developer? Recently bought a All-in-one chines unit, and when I go into the GPS mode, a message popped up showing “Cannot find navigation software”.

Feel free to report bugs, make improvement suggestions, etc. It would also help that when you write about problems, to tell me what device are you using and what CE version it is running. The language even defaulted back to chinese, i had to learn chinese really fast to set it back to english lol But it should be an easy, at least I think so.


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Previous Page Next Page. The time now is Make sure you calibrate Sat Nav’s screen. I think you are spot on. Problem is, there isn’t one that comes with the unit. You use script named NWDSoftware.

nwdsoftware exe

Another thing I had thought of was that maybe the unit is losing power from the non-switched supply, as it defaults to the initial setup screen on start up, I checked this out and all seems OK, especially as Nwdsoftwar went bush on the weekend and the unit was subjected to some rough stuff about 6 hours worth and did not fault at all. You get this driver here: But I suspect it would be the executable of the original program, which the nwdsoftwafe looks for when you press the “navi” button.

See above under Installation.

nwdsoftware exe

In case of a hive-based registry you additionally manually by means of a registry editor remove entries if these are present, otherwise you simply hard-reset the Sat Nav unit.


You simply delete folder ceFMM-X. You have to take this off from the bottom to get into the guts of the unit. To correctly advise you, nwdsoftwade must be known to me the mechanism that OEM of your unit implemented to auto-run an application of user’s choice when device starts up. To start ceFFM contents of ‘shell.

[APP/SKN][Beta][CE 5.0/6.0] ceFFM – A Fingerfriendly Menu (Shell) for Sat Nav’s

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I will let you know how this went once I have tried it out. I will not be bothered to answer posts such as “it don’t work for me, help!

I’m at the sysupdater tool. Depending on the amount of options enabled, installation may take 10 minutes.

nwdsoftware exe

Just purchased from Ebay a new The touchscreen does not work. Also with many CE ede that I have come across, a script named ‘shell.