The following instructions are appropriate for firmware 3. About Author Hyon-Young Choi blog: The packages installed by ipkg include services such as ssh, apache, etc. YMMV, please modify it to your liking and send me an email telling me about your cool improvements. For example, to turn off Web service, run,. This would require you to reapply this patch.

optware ipkg.qpkg

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For example, to turn off Web service, run. Now, you can add any command by putting between start and ;; like this:. Let’s put the command into MySettings.

However, these services do not start automatically at boot time.

Setting Up QNAP TS-212 with Optware

Ipkg.pqkg following content is preserved for history. There also was a warning message in the release notes that the switch to 64bit might cause some apps not to work anymore If something is o;tware for both QTS web and ssh, there is no way to fix it except reset configuration or factory default setting.

Some services can be turned off using QTS system, but some cannot. These are to be run as part of system startup.


iLearnBlogger: QNAP NAS – IPKG and Optware IPKG App

At first, add new qpkg configuration by editing qpkg. By installing Optware IPKGyou [used to be able to] open the door to installing many other software packages by many different developers.

The following instructions are appropriate for firmware 3. This page was last modified on 28 Januaryat We can put any actions on boot for turning a service off or modifying or removing some files.

optware ipkg.qpkg

Follow Engineering mind always. I recommend to try 3. This is probably the easiest way to install for most.

optware ipkg.qpkg

You may want to turn off some services or replace the built-in service to improved another service from Optware ipkg or source code. You can check the installed files using ipkg files command:.

optware ipkg.qpkg

Wednesday, November 13 8: We also give instructions on manual install. About this Article Date Released: The qnap is also being used as git server – wich was totally fine the last couple of years but failed recently The site introduces the method using QPkg configuration.


Some of the wording has been changed to make it clear Optware is withdrawn. However, QTS web does not need to be alway on. Categories Home ns-3 haroopress etc nas. Setup Qpkg-based service The packages installed by ipkg include services such as ssh, apache, etc.

About Author Hyon-Young Choi blog: The linux gurus know – this means some lib is missing!

Optware IPKG

Notethis script is a starting point for your own scripts, but thought it might opwtare useful. Web service is never turning off. But this is something you will only learn the hard way: No editor of this article has checked on 3. The third parameter is the path of the service.

It appears that QNAP withdrew it sometime in or Find the file Optware.