The following list is displayed: You can select the account from this list. Create a customer account Capture details of a Cheque book issued to a customer For each Cheque book, the details of which you have maintained, the system generates a status matrix. Temporary Closed Check this option to indicate that the customer account is temporarily closed. You can select the appropriate account class from the list of all the valid account classes maintained in the system.

oracle flexcube universal banking

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Whenever a Cheque orcale transaction is initiated by Funds Transfer or Data Entry modules the status of this Cheque moves from unused to used in this matrix.

Flexcube Shortcuts

Date of Last Maintenance The current system date is also displayed Instructions Specify the instructions to be borne in mind when operating a customer account Conditions At the time of maintaining an instruction, you can also specify a condition for displaying the instructions when transactions pertaining to this account are being processed.

Survey Summary The Survey Summary provides a full download of the vendor profile, the solution profile and all survey response information uploaded by the vendor in connection with their VendorMatch directory listing. This invokes the Linked Entities screen. No debit No credit Cheque delivery blocked You can override the default Charge Start Date and specify the desired start date for charge application.

For multiple collaterals you need to consider consolidated limit amount for deriving the breach limit amount. Before closing the account, you need to: Country Code Specify the country of the customer. Exemption Percentage Specify the percentage of tax that is exempted. However, you can modify the amount defaulted.


Flexcube Ubs Manual

Note that the directory listing requires only check box responses where the RFX response is more comprehensive. The list displays the following values: Maintaining direct debit details If you have maintained the mode of settlement for auto liquidation of bills as Direct Debit instructions, you need to specify the following details: Customer Number The system displays the customer number based on the customer account number selected.

oracle flexcube universal banking

The negative entries will be posted with the reversal transaction code maintained at account class level. On selection of the status, the associated description will be displayed alongside Dr and Cr GL Line Select the debit GL account, to which all debit balances within a specific account class will report to, when it moves to the status being defined.

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The accounts univsrsal satisfy the following conditions will be available in the list of Positive Pay Parking Account: The financial details of an account include the account balance, the sweep eligible balance, the uncleared debit and credit balances, the debit and credit turnover, bahking the interest details. Validity Period Specify the validity period in number of days.

If no interest rate is available, it will use the first available line. Dormant The system updates this status for an account based on the dormancy days specified in the Account Class Maintenance screen.

The master account should be in the same currency as of the other account currencies. Restriction Type Specify the restriction type here. Yet another feature supported by CASA is the facility to define amount blocks for accounts as per a customer s instruction or the instruction of the bank.


The system takes this value from the Customer Maintenance screen.

Flexcube Ubs Manual

If Positive Pay is not enabled, Funding option will not be applicable. The instruction can be deferred.

Effective Date The Effective Date of a record is the date from which a record takes effect. The Fall Below Fee is a kind of fee that is charged if sum of fleexcube monthly balance of all the accounts is less than the minimum required balance.

oracle flexcube universal banking

Initial Card Status Univefsal the initial card status from the adjoining option list. The Branch Code of the sign-on branch is on display. The accounts maintained in the selected Charge Booking Branch will be available in the adjoining option list.

The Escrow percentage specified here will be same for all transactions and will not vary for different credits like cash, cheque, draft etc Specifying Cheque Book Preferences Auto Reorder of Cheque Book Check this box to indicate that cheque books for reordering should be generated automatically. To view the turnovers for the account, click the Turnover button.

If this option is unchecked in the Account Class Maintenance screen, then it cannot be enabled here.