OpenServer 6 features kernel-level threading not found in 5. This is what is appearing on the 2nd page User: This used to be a SCO Unix faq. Does SCO support my hardware? What is “port knocking”? How to setup resolv.

sco unix 3.2v4.2

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Can I use “Windows” printers? What patches are on my system? What are the symptoms of a drive geometry problem? I edited my gettydefs and things broke I can’t get shared dial-in and dial-out working What are some common settings for 3.24v.2 modem?

sco unix 3.2v4.2

How do I stop extra form feeds that spit out blank pages? Is there a packet sniffer tcpdump available? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The next major version, OpenServer Release 5. How do I use a printer that’s attached to an NT server?

sco unix 3.2v4.2

It probably all depends on how this app was compiled, what kind of hardware access it relies on etc I ssh to a Linux box and am immediately disconnected Is rm final? This is what is appearing on the 2nd page User: Why would the application not run on newer version of OS? When a user tries to log in, they get “Account is disabled — see Account Administrator” I can’t read a cpio archive created on a Linux box- it fails with “premature end of file” How do I convert Visionfs to encrypted passwords?


I’ve added more RAM, do I need more swap? Can Unixware 7 programs run on OSR5?

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I have a system memory dump in my swap space; how do I delete it? How can I reconnect to a disconnected session? I really wish I can help him, all your input welcomed! I am using the OSR5 ipnat, but unid only works in passive mode. Can I add more swap space? How do I change the system’s name or IP address?

I’ve telnetted to a Linux machine from a SCO console, and the automatic colors for commands like ls and vi have made it impossible to see what I type.

How do I print man pages from the command line? What is a virtual printer?


Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Uni do I see “ttloop: Jul 14, Posts: I’ve removed advertising from most of this site and will eventually clean up the few pages where it remains. Looking for info on Please remember the debt all of us owe to Steve for his efforts- I myself spent many hours learning from these very documents, and 3.2v4.


sure many of us can say similar things. Got something to add? Will I have problems upgrading my hardware? Why does my cron job fail while “at” works? Where do I get zmodem?

sco unix 3.2v4.2

How do I reset the root password if I forget it?