If you pick the phone up, the app switches to single use, turning into a full-screen browsing experience. You really need to provide better explanations for how to use this app. It was the time when smartphones were not prevalent, not even on the horizon. I love to hear from you. Little did I know, then, that one day I would use a smartphone, and that too an iPhone. All three apps featured here are built on the same ideas Apple used for the iPad’s split-screen operations with, right down to the UI and execution; A couple of them mimic ” Slide Over ,” where you swipe from the right to bring up a window with all of your apps, allowing you to choose one to see alongside whichever app you are currently using while the other app is grayed out slightly.

screensplitr ios 7

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Put the phone back on the table, and it switches to split-screen mode. All you have to do is unlock rotation on your device, then turn your iPhone to landscape mode. For teachers or anyone presenting, this would a great way to have your website on one side and then show backchannel conversations on scrreensplitr other.

How to use split screen mode on iPhone and iPad | TechRadar

You can also resize the two split view windows or close one split screen tab for an edge-to-edge full screen view of your favorite websites and videos. In the top right-hand corner of the menu, there will be a lock with an arrow around it.

For example, one plugin is designed to combine your social media apps into one of the two windows, allowing you to swipe through those apps while another browser window remains open on the top of the display. It just feels easier browsing two webpages simultaneously when they are side by side like this, and Split handles the job smoothly. If, when you pick up and drag the second app, it’s in a second box, this unfortunately means the app doesn’t support split-screen mode, so you’re out of luck.


Not perfect but I’m hopeful an update will improve it. The second tab now sits in front the first, but you can truly split the screen between the two tabs if you want. While the bigger screen of iPhones iPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6sand iPhone 6s Plus has its own advantage, very few users have explored the split screen on their iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus devices.

How to Use & Turn Off Split Screen on iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus

I’m working everyday on including all the features and fixing all the bugs that you write to me about. In our already busy and complicated life, it is always fun to encounter shortcuts that make tasks shorter and simple. Download to stop constantly switching between apps screenspiltr browser tabs for all your online tasks and start viewing two things at the same time in split screens on your iPhone and iPad.

This customization means you can change the way you have your windows oriented. Check out all the new features that dropped in iOS While I was young, parental control was like a set of screensllitr commands. I honestly have no complaints.

How To Use Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Split Screen View

Now your iPhone will restart. Information Seller vishnu rao.

screensplitr ios 7

Back to School Unfortunately, the app has some limitations; The user on the bottom half of the phone has more responsibility. CoSurf is a free split-screen web browser for iOS 8. The biggest issues with this app for me are not being able to pinch-to-zoom, and that the settings bar can sometimes stick around when you don’t want it to.


And Apple made it a point to provide a split-screen feature to the users. The app has a feature that lets you swipe left or right and have access to your social media sites all in on screen. If you don’t want to do any special hackery on your iPhone, and ioa want to use apps made for the iOS App Store, your choices are limited. A quick fix would solve the issue.

screensplitr ios 7

To unlock rotation on your screensplittr 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, unlock it, then swipe up from the bottom. DuMore brings split screen multi tasking and split view for all iPads, old and new. Press and hold down on this second app, and then drag it up off the toolbar. You can run any two apps you’d like side by screesplitr, and you can adjust the size of the second window, depending on your preference.

How to Use & Turn Off Split Screen on iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is also a jailbreak cydia app so it’s not exactly supported by apple at all.

Please fix your app!