Is there anyone able to do that? This seems odd as the filemanager directory is in tinyfck within the tinymce plugins directory? Hi Henrique, that looks interesting. What i did is that i replaced the the line tinymce. If you use default EE folder structure, it will look like this:.

tinymce ibrowser plugin

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And it turns out Demona was right: I didn’t wrote this plugin by myself, I just support website where this is integrated and now, under IE9 it only shows up in compatibility mode. Immediately when it arrives to the line: I actually helped set it up recently for a site to do just that.

TinyMCE – Forum / TinyMCE Plugins / Third party plugins / Problem with iBrowser Plugin in IE9

Properly initialize the object and then even IE should be happy. And when I clicked the ibrowser button, it only appeared a blank popup. But problem is now, that i cannot insert the select picture to the textarea I was pllugin the same issue with TinyMCE 3.

Do you have to have the MoxieCode File or Image manager already installed? Setting it up is straightforward, but whenever I try to upload files, the upload process will commence but then give me a File upload failed – please check your permissions error. John, Thanks for responding. The icon only appeared tinymcce me when I used the tinymce3 editor plugin.


Yes, but the ibrowser comes with all of the inerface files already in it. Tijymce this for an EE site?

tinymce ibrowser plugin

Now it works in every browser. I also have problems installing the Ibrowser plugin. Although the script is getting loaded I tested it by placing an Alert ‘Hello’ ; in itthe variables are not being set in every browser At this moment I used the TinyBrowser and in the process of creating ext. It uses Flash pluyin upload tinymve and you can add multiple files simultaneously with progress bars to let you know how the upload process is going.

Could anyone test it? Active topics Unanswered topics. I found out the bug.

File and image management plugins for TinyMCE

Unfortunately I’ve no idea how to initialise this. Thanks so far frbavaria. This TinyMCE is so cool, but it’s a pain in the aaa until you configure it properly. So plufin hint worked a bit ;- Now I got this error: I cleared the cache, I force reload the page, but still the button is not displayed.


tinymce ibrowser plugin

Does anyone have any advice on which of these solutions would be best for multi user solution? Just yesterday the member of EEclub.

Hi Kae,Many thanks for that. Gafsveno Member Offline Registered: It seems I started crowing before the dawn. Where is the config file for TinyMCE? Unfortunately I’ve no idea how to initialise this, do you have a hint for me?

File and image management plugins for TinyMCE — Tyssen Design

I see that ib is defined in the file common. The code of iBrowser is just not written well enough to be cross browser compatible. Best thing to do is ask at the KFM forum if you continue to have trouble.