And the year after that? All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Zooming might be our favorite trick of them all. Then later this year the company will sell 5, Rex devices to consumers. Tobii has announced plans to make just 5, Limited Edition units available to consumers this year, with pricing yet to be announced. The REX allows your machine to accomplish a specific set of eye-tracking gestures, including scrolling, zooming and selecting items. The consumer version will follow later this fall — albeit in small quanities, though.

tobii rex

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tobii rex

Tobii toboi hint that they were aiming to implement the technology in more than just computers. Meet us after the break to see how the technology’s grown up since we tried it out it a year ago, and then when you’re done reading through our impressions, check out the walkthrough video at the end.

Mind-Blowing Tobii Rex Controls Laptop with Your Eyes

Intel explains Project Athena laptops, promises nine hours tlbii battery life. That was true last year, too, though this time the experience generally feels more polished. Being able to aim in games with your eyes is just one among many uses. It worked flawlessly, as did all the gestures — even when we selected tiny countries like Denmark and Lithuania we were able to home in quickly and precisely.

It won’t be nearly as expensive, but it won’t be cheap either. Google used photogrammetry to create a detailed VR tour of Versailles. In any case, as we said, this is a short process you’ll only have to undergo once, so the only thing that really matters is that tobbii can get it to work. Tobii uses PC cameras to keep people from peeking at your screen updated. Switch Lite added to class action lawsuit over controller drift. Second, and more important, the Rex will be used for much more than navigation.


Control a Windows 8 PC with tobi eyes Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. There are no comments. Yuneec launches Typhoon H3 drone tobiu with Leica.

Tobii REX peripheral adds eye-tracking functionality to Windows 8 PCs

The consumer version will follow later this fall — albeit in small quanities, though. The Tobii Rex looks like a small speaker bar that sits between your laptop’s screen and deck, and plugs in via USB.

Motorola One Action review: I have a mild case of strabismus.

Though this may sound quite similar to the PCEye launched init’s different in that the REX isn’t intended for use as an assistive technology, so you’ll still need to keep re mouse and trackpad around. Bollinger reveals its boxy electric B1 and B2 off-roaders. The best true wireless earbuds of After calibrating our peepers by staring at dots moving across the display, we were ready to go.

A Tobii rep told us the next step is for device makers to integrate the Gaze UI directly into their products, whether res laptops, desktops or something else.


Logitech goes thin and low for latest gaming keyboards. One of the neat things about CES is that it gives us a chance to check in with startups we covered the previous year. Using multiple sensors and light-emitters, Rex can literally follow toibi eyes across the screen. Tobii may not be a household brand name yet, but that doesn’t make the company’s eye-tracking technology any less impressive.

Ooni Karu portable oven makes crispy pizzas in one minute. Tobii peripheral adds an eye-tracking interface to any Windows 8 computer through a USB port, but the company’s only offering 5, units before the end of the year. Although the Rex enables users to perform tasks such as scrolling, Tobii says it’s not meant to replace your keyboard or mouse.

Hands-on with Tobii REX, a peripheral that brings eye-tracking to any Windows 8 PC (video)

First seen at last year’s CES, the Rex is an eye-tracking peripheral that works with Tobii’s proprietary Gaze interface to navigate around a Windows 8 computer. Search Query Submit Search. In one scenario, we could open any application just by pressing a erx while staring at the Windows 8 tile we wanted to click. MagicDock is a versatile, stylish desktop docking station for the iPad Pro.

Zooming might be our favorite trick of them all. Some of our stories include affiliate links.

tobii rex